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Wataze Onsen

Wataze Onsen District

(Sodium chloride,hydrogencarbonate (chloride) spring;Effective against when drunk:Chronic digestive disorders, diabetes,grout;Effective against by bathing:Rheumatism,nervous disorders,wounds)

When coming out of the tunnel from Kawayu,there are Kurhaus Kumano Hongu,bungalows and green field.

Campsites are also provided to enjoy outdoor activities. 

Kurhaus Kumano Hongu

(0735-42-1777,Closed on Thursdays)
Massaging water bath,bubble bath and other various bathing facilities are provided. You can have simple lunch from around noon thru 3:30 on the second floor. On the same floor,you can do some workout and take a rest on a big hall. 

Green field

(Contact Kurhaus:0735-42-1777,Closed on Thursdays)
Campsite,trailer camp,restroom and running water are available.



(Contact Kurhaus:0735-42-1777,Closed on Thursdays) 

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