Kawayu Onsen川湯温泉

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Kawayu Onsen Sennin-buro River Bath

This giant open-air bath is created by damming the Ohtou River and letting the natural Onsen waters fill the pit. Because much depends on Mother Nature, the pool tends to be a different size every year. The water springs from the riverbed at a hot 73 degree but then mixes with the crystal clear waters of Ohtou River, bringing the temperature down to about 40 degree. The pool is enclosed along the perimeter by a reed screen, leaving the rest open to the skies and stars for you to enjoy while soaking in the warm waters.


The bath may be closed because of too low water temperatures or flooding in the stormy weather. For information, call Kumano Hongu Tourist Association (0735-42-0735)


Location  Kawayu Onsen (Ohtou River)
Period  December thru February
Bathing time 6:30 thru 22:00 (locked at 22:00)
Parking  About 50 cars (200 meters downstream from the bath) 
  • Please refrain from bringing glass objects.
  • On rainy days the bath may be closed.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No shampoo or soap allowed.
  • Please keep area clean.

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