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Ukegawa-no-Otakisan(Falls at Ukegawa)

8 Scenic Spots of Hongu

“Ukegawa-no-Otakisan”, Falls of Ukegawa, tributary of Kumanogawa River, is 20 m high and feminine in its beauty. A small shrine (the God of Fire) is located near the waterfall basin and the background depression is fantastic. The waterfall splash is echoed from the 50 m or so high cliff, taking us into a world of delicate beauty. This so-called hidden falls can be viewed only from front.

About 5 min by car and 20 min walk from Kumano Hongu Taisha
(Take Route 168 to Ukegawa Shimochi-Bashi, walk along local Semigadaki and Ukegawadani Trails.)

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