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Bring your memories home with wonderful souvenirs from the Hongu.



In ancient times, the Japanese old family ”Heike(平家)” was defeated in battle by the opponent family ”Genji(源氏)”. Members of Heike escaped to Kumano region and started making a conical headpiece with cypress to make their livings. These headpieces were used irrespective of rank or social status, so they are called “Kisen-gasa”. (“Kisen” means “high and low”)

Kisen-gasa is also called “Minachi-gasa皆地傘” because it’s made in Minachi district of Hongu. Now there is only one craftman of Minachi-gasa, and you can purchase Minachi-gasa at Michi-no Eki Oku Kumano Kodo Hongu.

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Otonachi-cha Tea


About 50 years ago, people started growing tea at Ippon-matsu district in Hongu, and now it’s grown in Fushiogami district. Tea leaves picked first time in June is called “Otonashi-cha” tea. This name is derived from Otonashigawa-River flown in Fushiogami district.

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