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Blue Sky Guesthouse


TEL 0735-42-0800 Charges ¥6,000 up
Accommodation:  16 guests Guest rooms: 4

B&B cafe Hongu

B&B-styled guesthouse near Kumano Hongu Taisha.

TEL 0735-42-1130 Charges ¥6,000 up
Accommodation: 9 guests Guest rooms: 5
画像がみつかりません。>Hongu Map (PDF)


Reimei Guesthouse  

A small guesthouse near Kumano Kodo Kogumotori-goe Route. 1st floor is restaurant and 2nd floor is guestroom. Wi-Fi・Vegetarian OK

TEL 0735-42-0165 Charges ¥2,900 up
Accommodation: 13 guests Guest rooms: 3


Haru Farm-style Guesthouse 

The usual farm house is located between Hosshinmon-Oji and Fushiogami-Oji. Just one group of guests is received a day. Pets can be brought together. It provides for relaxing time and space.

TEL 0735-43-0161 Charges ¥8,925 up
Accommodation: 6 guests Guest rooms: 2

Matsumiya Guesthouse 

An old-fashioned guesthouse with over 100 years of history. It is provided with enough parking, however. Come and unwind yourself from a day's fatigue.

TEL 0735-43-0002 Charges ¥7,000 up
Accommodation: 15 guests Guest rooms: 7


Kumano HONGU guesthouse Omoya ※Now this accommdation is closed.

10min drive from Kumano Hongu Taisha, Over100 years old  traditional Japanese style house located on a open air hill that overlooks Kumano River.

Organically grown vegetables and freshly laid eggs are available from our farm.

Vegetarian breakfast, free wifi , pick up service to Takatsubashi, Ukegawa and Hongu Taisha mae bus stops.

We highly recommend whole renting like family gathering, events, yoga workshop, retreats, party and so on.

TEL 050-5242-3287 Charge ¥6,000 up
Accomodation 13 guests Number of Rooms 4

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