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Yunomine Onsen Lodging Guide

Why not make your trip to Kumano more memorable with a stopover at Yunomine Onsen?
Lodging reservations are accepted at all inns and guesthouses.
Click on the inn' s name to visit their website and get a guide to their facilities.

※For everyone who take public buses, please get off at “Yunomine Onsen” bus stop.(If you will stay at Yunomineso Inn, please get off at “Shimo-yunomine” bus stop.)


 Ryokan Adumaya

There are indoor hot bath made of koya cypress, natural steam bath, are outdoor hot bath in the garden. Instead of tap water, Onsen water is used for Onsen Dishes.

Tel 0735-42-0012
Accommodation 100 guests
Guest rooms 22
Charges ¥16,350 up

Ryokan Yunomine-so

 Located in Japan' s oldest Yunomine Onsen en route of history-rich Kumano Kodo.

Tel 0735-42-1111
Accommodation 80 guests
Guest rooms 26
Charges ¥10,950 up

Ryokan Yoshinoya

 A purely Japanese style inn with homely atmosphere. Open-air hot bath in the garden (rental) and indoor hot bath available all day long.
Town' s view is beautiful, and Onsen Dishes are also served.

Tel 0735-42-0101
Accommodation 25 guests
Guest rooms 8
Charges ¥9,500 up

Minshuku Adumaya-so

Why don' t you enjoy the quality konpira bath in the bathroom with a water mill in sight? The grand bathroom, steam bath and open-air bath are also available free of charge.

Tel 0735-42-0238
Accommodation 40 guests
Guest rooms 15
Charges ¥9,870 up

Minshuku Atarashiya

The homely guesthouse is close to Yunomine-oji, one of the 99 Kumano Kodo shrines, and the famous Tsuboyu. Meals can be enjoyed in guest rooms. Family bath available.

Tel 0735-42-0151
Accommodation 10 guests
Guest rooms 5
Charges ¥7,700 up

J-Hoppers Kumano Yunomine Guesthouse  NEW!!

J-Hoppers Kumano Yunomine "Onsen" Guesthouse was born in 2017 to make your stay as comfortable as possible after/before hiking the mountains of Kumano Kodo. We offer both indoor and open-air baths, which is 100% free-flowing Gensenkakenagasi. Please Feel Onsensation! 

Tel 0735-29-7666
Accommodation 31 guests
Guest rooms 7
Charges ¥3,500 up

Minshuku Kuraya

Provides an unwinding ambience in the traditional building.

Tel 0735-42-0148
Accommodation 12 guests
Guest rooms 4
Charges ¥7,650 up

Minshuku Teruteya

Provides an at-home atmosphere. Dip in the bathtub with natural hot spring flowing and taste onsen dishes, getting yourself refreshed inside and out. 

Tel 0735-42-0255
Accommodation 10 guests
Guest rooms 4
Charges ¥7,650 up

Minshuku Yamane

The bathroom is 24 hours open with real medicinal Onsen flowing in. Home-made onsen dishes are served. 

Tel 0735-42-0113
Accommodation 18 guests
Guest rooms 6
Charges ¥8,150 up

Ryokan Iseya NEW!

Japan’s oldest Onsen!  Water comes directly from the hot spring filled with mineral salt. (100% hot spring)   Available 24hours. 


Tel 0735-42-1126
Accommodation 60 guests
Guest rooms 14



Minshuku Yunotaniso 

The guesthouse offers folksy atmosphere as if visiting your parents’ home. Enjoy rich nature and relaxing ambience with Onsen. 

Tel 0735-42-1620
Accommodation 18 guests
Guest rooms 7
Charges ¥8,000 up

Minshuku Takiyoshi

The guesthouse is equipped with an elevator and suited for wheel-chaired guests. Open-view bathroom, dining room, charged dishes. Onsen rice gruel with coffee for breakfast. Onsen rice gruel set meal is popular. Meals and bathing only available. 

Tel 0735-42-1515
Accommodation 20 guests
Guest rooms 6
Charges ¥9,000 up

Minshuku Yunosato

Homely guesthouse on the riverside. 

Tel 0735-42-0474
Accommodation 20 guests
Guest rooms 6
Charges ¥6,500 up

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