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Kawayu Onsen Lodging Guide

Why not make your trip to Kumano more memorable with a stopover at Kawayu Onsen?
Lodging reservations are accepted at all inns and guesthouses.
Click on the inn' s name to visit their website and get a guide to their facilities 


Ryokan Fujiya  (English website) 

Onsen comes up from the riverbank and an open-air hot bathtub can be quickly made. In winter, The Sennin-buro River Bath is opened just in front of this inn.
Riverbank status is updated daily.

Tel 0735-42-0007
Accommodation 146 guests
Guest rooms 31
Charges ¥15,000 up

Ryokan Midoriya Inn 

You will be satisfied with ages-old Kumano' s great nature, dipped in an open-air hot bath on the riverbank of Oto River and relaxed in a sukiya-styled guest room. 

Tel 0735-42-1011
Accommodation 320 guests
Guest rooms 90
Charges ¥12,600 up


Ryokan Kinokuni


Situated upstream in Kawayu Onsen, it provides for a quiet evening.

For details, visit the website.

Tel 0735-42-0353
Accommodation 75 guests
Guest rooms 29
Charges  ¥10,000 up

Ryokan Kameya

Situated upstream in Kawayu Onsen, it provides for a quiet evening. For details, visit the website.

Tel 0735-42-0002
Accommodation 30 guests
Guest rooms 14
Charges  ¥9,870 up

Minshuku Omuraya

The guesthouse is surrounded with beautiful mountains, the murmuring of Ohtou River, and star-spangled night sky. Enjoy homely accommodation tucked in Mother Nature. Kodo lunch box is also popular. Companion pets can also be admitted.

Tel 0735-42-1066
Accommodation 40 guests
Guest rooms 10
Charges  ¥7,800 up


Minshuku Omuraya2

Green mountains and beautiful river can be viewed from the guest rooms. Evening dinners can be had in your rooms.

Tel 0735-42-1066
Accommodation 30 guests
Guest rooms 11
Charges  ¥7,800 up


Kobuchi Guesthouse

Natural hot spring is introduced just as it springs from the ground. The hot bath is open all night.

Tel 0735-42-0104
Accommodation 8 guests
Guest rooms 3
Charges  ¥8,550 up


Sumiya Guesthouse

Mother Nature with ancient trails and Onsen provides for unwinding ambience. Come and taste our home-made dishes.

Tel 0735-42-0097
Accommodation 15 guests
Guest rooms 5
Charges  ¥7,000 up


Tateishi Guesthouse

With 50 years’ history, the guesthouse boasts of its dishes. You are warmly welcomed with in-season edible wild plants, sweetfish, amago trout, wildboa meat, lobster and even whale meat. 

Tel 0735-42-0266
Accommodation 25 guests
Guest rooms 8
Charges  ¥7,710 up


Ashita-no-Mori Guesthouse

A riverbank hot spring waits for you after a mountain-walking. The house owner manages nearby mountains. Convenient for your departure to and arrival from ancient roads.

Tel 0735-42-1525
Accommodation 22 guests
Guest rooms 6
Charges  ¥10,650 up


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