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Do you know Hanamomo Dyeing that comes from the Terute-Oguri Story?

[Hanamomo Dyeing] The dyeing is derived from the legend of Princess Terute and Hangan Oguri. In cooperation with Mr. Yusai Okuda who is chief of a handcraft shop, Mr. Yusuke Tsubokura, plant dyeing artist, produced scarves dyes with the plant from Sagami and the Onsen water from Kumano Hongu Yunomine. The silk scarves are dyed with dye solution that is based on the plant's root and the Yunomine Onsen water. Tin, copper and iron are also used as mordants. Depending on the mordants, the colors become, violet, bright yellow and gray.

Yunomine Onsen of Hongu is an important place where Oguri revived in the love story with Terute.

Hanamomo-dyed scarves "Terute-Oguri Story"For info and orders, contact:

  Kimono Brand Eyume Studio, Jiyugaoka Main Store
Address Koshin-Jiyugaoka Bldg. 1F, Jiyugaoka 1-20-19, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035
Tel 03-3725-0061
Fax 03-5731-2703
  Kimono Brand Eyume Studio, Sagamihara Store
Address Sunrise Bldg. 1F, Sagamihara 3-8-26, Sagamihara, Kanagawa Pref. 229-0031
Tel 042-776-0072
Fax 042-776-0064 


Sagamihara's Hanamomo root and Yunomine's Onsen water are used to make dye solution.

Silk fabrics are being dyed. 

Dyed fabrics are being dried. 

Photo courtesy: Yusuke Tsubokura, plant dyeing artist

Yusuke Tsubokura got in an traffic accident at 18 and suffered from the injury's aftereffect since then. But he overcame and came back as a dyeing artist.
He appeared in an NHK documentary program and in TV Asahi's "Tetsuko-no-Heya" talk show.
His activities were also broadcast in a drama on September 18 last year, which gained in popularity. 

Original:Memoirs "We Are All Alive"

Collaboration: General Affairs Department of Sagamihara City Hall 
                     Kimono Brand Eyume Studio, Business Division
                     Kumano Oguri Circle

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