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Previous observation meeting

The 16th Phantom Santaizuki Observation (2003)

On December 16, 2003, we had a Phantom Santaizuki Observation meeting.

On December 16, 2003, we had a Phantom Santaizuki Observation.
Kumano Region is a mecca of deep faith with lots of myths and legends. The three-moon legend is one of them.

It is said that a mountain ascetic viewed the three moons in Kumano Sanzan, acquired a mysterious power, and told the story to villagers. The moon rising from the edges of mountains are said to look threesome.

There were about 60 people who joined the moon-viewing meet rich in romanticism. To those who gathered in the middle of night of a weekday, Kinokuni Hotel, Kameya Inn and Tateishi Guesthouse kindly prepared wildboa meat noodles.

Participants enjoyed wild boar soup, which Fujiya, Sansuikan and Yoshinoya people volunteered to serve, to help get their chilled body warm.

Receiving the modest yet heart-warming treat, they were all smiles and got relaxed, many asking for another bowl of wild boar meat noodle.

We were happy that the participants could feel what we had done our best for them. 

The Chief of Ohse District narrates precious local folklore and legend. We wish for his long life.

Let me take this opportunity to talk about the santaizuki (three moons) legend.

There is another legend that the sanshogongen deity swept down, in the form of three moons, on Ohyunohara, the former Kumano Hongu Grand Shrine site in Hongu.

Every-year visitors as well as first-time visitors, please give your time for this interesting story.

Usually quiet, this place is lit up long hours tonight with people's voices and laughter heard in a mysterious evening.
Looks like the local deities, including the kannon goddess of mercy, 400-year-old kannon Japanese cedar, 5-year children and 75-year elderly share the same moment.


With the moonrise approaching, we are moving to the moon-viewing spot. From now one, it is getting real cold.

A faint moonlight on the boundary between the mountains and sky. Unfortunately, the very big moon appearing at last was not viewed in three sections, but we joyfully experienced a romantic ambience with the moon above and Kumano's mystery being felt around us.


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